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Watermelon - Yellow (Select a size)

Watermelon - Yellow (Select a size)

River Love Farm
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Priced @ $2.50/lb - These ripe yellow watermelons are bursting with flavor!

Select a Size - because the melons vary so much in weight, please pick a size category. When your order is fulfilled, we will adjust the price down to match the weight of the watermelon you receive. 

Small - (whole or half melon) Up to 4lb 
Medium - Up to 7lb 
Large - Up to 10lb

These yellow-fleshed Janosik and Moonbeam melons are sweet, crisp, and give you  a unique twist to the more common red/pink melons. Yellow watermelons originated more than 5000 years ago, well before any red/pink melons began to be bred.