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Chocolate Fruit / Black Sapote (each)

Chocolate Fruit / Black Sapote (each)

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(Fruit weight average 1.5lb each)

The Black Sapote, otherwise known as Chocolate Fruit or Chocolate Pudding Fruit, is a unique tropical fruit in the persimmon family native to Mexico, Central America and Columbia. (Sapote refers to any soft edible fruit)

Approach black sapote with an open mind, it is utterly unexpected and delightful, with honey, caramel, date and mineral tones. The names can be misleading. The texture is not like pudding – being neither custardy, nor of a boiled-pudding consistency. As for tasting like chocolate – you’d be very confused if that’s what you’re expecting. 

The fruit is best consumed when the exterior looks like it is completely past its prime, with a somewhat bruised appearance. This unfortunately makes it an unappealing supermarket fruit. The texture of a perfectly ripened sapote is akin to soaked dates or very ripe papaya - creamy and very pleasing.


A more complete description of the Black Sapote experience with recipes can be found here in this Guardian article.

Also, if you want more info on judging ripeness and the eating experience, check out Miami Fruit's review: https://youtu.be/F3whb0puafo